Saturday :: Apr 10, 2004

President's Daily Brief Shows That Bush Was Warned Of Al Qaeda Hijacking Threat Within US

by Steve

Now that the White House has released the August 6, 2001 PDB, either in its redacted or complete form, the defense and spin has begun. The White House says that yes, Condi was wrong last week. The PDB did in fact contain more than a historical analysis after all. It did contain a summary of recent threat information and FBI activities. It did say that Al Qaeda operatives were already in, or trying to get into the country. And it did say that they were intent on hijackings. But, the White House says, the PDB didn’t say anything about hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings into New York or Washington, so therefore we are off the hook.

Not so fast. The CIA and the NSA already knew from 1999 that, as Woodward himself reported back in May 2002, Al Qaeda wanted to hijack planes and crash them into notable structures, like the Pentagon, the CIA, or the White House.

But a 1999 report prepared for the National Intelligence Council, an affiliate of the CIA, warned that terrorists associated with bin Laden might hijack an airplane and crash it into the Pentagon, White House or CIA headquarters.

Since we know that according to Clarke and others Tenet was like a man with his “hair on fire” during June-August 2001 over imminent threats he was receiving, and since we now know that the August 6, 2001 PDB confirmed recent FBI investigations about Al Qaeda operatives trying to get in, or already in the country for possible hijackings, and since this was the same group already identified from 1999, was it so hard to conclude that security at the airports should have been immediately beefed up, the Department of Transportation and the FAA directed to notify all airlines of possible hijackings, and to tell the FBI and local law enforcement to immediately put out “all points bulletins” for known Al Qaeda operatives being pursued in the country?

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