Sunday :: Apr 11, 2004

When Republicans Talk About Taxes Watch Out

by Mary

Bush came into the White House determined to cut taxes for his cronies. With the help of the Congress, he has done so. One of the effects of this has been to shift the tax burden from the superrich to the those making $30,000 to $500,000. Unless you are grossing over half a million a year, you are carrying a higher tax burden than George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, George Soros, or Bill Gates. And if you are making under $16,000 a year, you have a higher chance of being audited than one of the superrich.

While letting rich tax cheats run wild, Congress did finance a crackdown on the poor. The working poor, most of whom make less than $16,000, are eight times more likely to be audited than millionaire investors in partnerships.

Add in the fact that less than half of the corporations don't pay any taxes at all.

So when you read the news from the anti-tax activists celebrating tax freedom day, remember, those making over a half a million dollars a day year celebrated their tax freedom day much earlier and certainly much more lucratively than you could ever dream. Meanwhile you were left holding the bag (subsidizing the Halliburtons and the Enrons) and are responsible for the debt the free-spending Republicans are racking up on your behalf. Can't you hear Bush saying "Suckers"?

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