Monday :: Apr 19, 2004

Why Bush Cooperated with Woodward

by Mary

Boy, I'll bet Bush is pissed now that he was so open with Woodward. It really says something about how righteous he was about this war. And if Woodward is correct, Bush was very proud of his decision.

The president told Woodward he was cooperating on his book because he wanted the story of how the United States had gone to war in Iraq to be told. He said it would be a blueprint of historical significance that "will enable other leaders, if they feel like they have to go to war, to spare innocent citizens and their lives."

"But the news of this, in my judgment," Bush added, "the big news out of this isn't how George W. makes decisions. To me the big news is America has changed how you fight and win war, and therefore makes it easier to keep the peace in the long run. And that's the historical significance of this book, as far as I'm concerned."

It certainly is something to show other leaders how you can take the world to war and create peace. Can you imagine Bush thinking this if he had just had the wisdom and enough curiousity to read Orwell's 1984?

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