Wednesday :: Apr 21, 2004

Warsaw Wises Up

by pessimist

It's falling apart faster now. If America really had any conservatives who cared about their country more than their profits, they would rise up and stifle the Bush (mis)Administration before things can get any worse.

Poland planning pull-out of troops from Iraq

Poland is planning to withdraw its troops from Iraq in the coming months, dealing another blow to the US-led coalition forces there.

A senior adviser to the Polish government confirmed to The Irish Times that Warsaw's decision had been influenced by the Spanish move. "Given the circumstances [in Iraq], we will probably diminish significantly the forces at the end of 2004," said Prof Tadeusz Iwinski, secretary of state for international affairs in the office of the prime minister.

Questioned further by The Irish Times, he said: "It is much easier to send troops in than to withdraw them, but we will probably do it at the end of 2004 or the start of 2005."

El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua provided 900 troops to the Spanish-speaking Plus Ultra Brigade which was headed by Spain. Honduras said it would definitely withdraw its 400 troops. Nicaragua has already pulled out by not replacing its 115 troops because of a lack of funds.

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