Friday :: May 21, 2004

Pelosi vs The McCarthyites

by CA Pol Junkie

by CA Pol Junkie

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's remarks about George W Bush on Wednesday produced predictable replies from the GOP:

"She apparently is so caught up in the partisan hatred for President Bush that her words are putting American lives at risk,'' said House Majority leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas. "This nation cannot afford the luxury of her dangerous rhetoric.''

Countered one Democratic leader: "Frankly, that's McCarthyism.''

Damn right it's McCarthyism. Pelosi is showing her spine, standing by her comments:

Pelosi told reporters, "The time has come to speak very frankly about the lack of leadership in the White House.

"So the emperor has no clothes. When are people going to face the reality? Pull the curtain back.''

Marc Racicot, RNC Chair, uses the "Democrats blame America first" rhetoric saying Pelosi's comments were...

a reprehensible attempt to blame America for the action of terrorists and represent a fundamental misunderstanding of the war on terror.

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) pulls the classic "Democrats don't support our troops" line:

"If Nancy Pelosi has nothing to offer our troops, who are living and dying thousands of miles away, besides taunting them by saying they are dying needlessly and are risking their lives on a shallow mission, then she should go back to her pastel-colored condo in San Francisco and keep her views to herself.''

I would almost give Speaker Hastert credit for saying Pelosi "has the right to disagree with President Bush", if it weren't for his assertion that John McCain doesn't know about sacrifice to his country.

America is strong because of its dissenting voices. Our democracy is certainly clumsy, but America has thrived because incompetence can be exposed and opposing policy ideas can see the light of day. Shame on you, Tom Delay, for trying to silence those who disagree with you. It's not her words putting our troops lives at risk, it's the commander-in-chief who is doing that. Shame on you, Marc Racicot, for asserting that Pelosi is blaming America when she is clearly blaming George W. Bush. Shame on you, Tom Reynolds, for saying that Nancy Pelosi is harming our troops. The problem isn't that Pelosi is saying they are dying needlessly for a shallow mission. The problem is that our troops are dying needlessly for a shallow mission. Nancy Pelosi has the guts to say our troops deserve better than George W. Bush as their commander-in-chief. Reality is more important than public relations, especially when our troops are putting their lives on the line. Rep. DeLay, Gov. Racicot, and Rep. Reynolds, at long last, have you no shame?

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