Saturday :: Jun 5, 2004

For Your Reading Pleasure

by rayman

A couple of must-reads:

1. I've been utterly baffled at the VRWC's sudden fixation with George Soros, of all people (check out Media Matters for its ongoing analysis of this latest smear job). Steve Gilliard provides a helpful analysis for understanding why Soros has become the target of such vicious attacks all of the sudden. The key graf:

The goal, and it a goal, is to choke off the funding [referring to Soros's modest donations to groups like Move On] from Soros by making him too controversal to deal with. It's desperate and insane, and reeks of Nazi villification of Jews, but as we can see, the Bush campaign is getting desperate, with the lawyering up and all.

Ah, so that explains it. Thanks for the pointer, Steve.

2. Michael Massing, over at the New York Review of Books, has been doing a yeoman's job throughout the past few months documenting Pravda on the Hudson's bewildering incompetence under the Reign of Keller. His latest dispatch dissects the rather feeble "editor's note" from May 26th. Although it doesn't directly deal with his main point, I would be remiss for not pointing out this side-splitting quote:
Asked if he felt al-Jazeera is balanced, Ibrahim said of course not. "It's our equivalent of Fox News," he said, "but it's our Fox News. It gives me the other side of the story." Americans rarely get to see the other side.

How do you say "Fox News" in Arabic?

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