Friday :: Jun 11, 2004

Been Here, Done This

by pessimist

Or, Some People NEVER Learn

Group Wants Christians To Fill S.C., Secede

A newly-formed group of Christian activists has begun plans to encourage up to 12,000 like-minded individuals to move to South Carolina. Their hope is to eventually withdraw that state from the United States and "reestablish the sovereign Christian nation of South Carolina."

Part of the group's inspiration seems to be the "Free State" movement. That group, formed in 2001, seeks to convince 20,000 "liberty-minded" people to move to New Hampshire. The Free State organization isn't planning to split the state away from the U.S. Instead, they hope to encourage New Hampshire residents to embrace their "libertarian tendencies."

Although the leadership of Christian Exodus is keeping a low profile for now, potential members are lighting up the group's Web site message board. And as might be expected, opinions on the future of the group and their influence on South Carolina span a wide range of expectations. Particularly when it comes to discussing those who may not agree with their philosophy.

"Well on one hand I kinda favor a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. But should homosexuals speak up, they should be deported, sanctioned, or held in jail," said one person, discussing whether their new "country" should endorse or permit lifestyles they believe go against biblical teachings.

Other visitors had ideas on what laws might be applicable in their new South Carolina home. "No alcohol sold on Sundays at all. All entries into the town would be policed with random checks for alcohol abuse, breathalyzers mandatory. No places of business open on Sundays. All schools, public, private or otherwise would teach creation, have the Ten commandments placed and say prayer before classes start. No landlords allowed to rent to couples just living together ... Abortion would not be legal in any circumstance," one poster said.

What WOULD Jesus do?

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