Wednesday :: Aug 11, 2004

Fish Wrapper for a Dead News Day

by larre

An unusual dead zone has reappeared off the coast of central Oregon near Newport. The mass of cold, nutrient-rich, oxygen-poor water is sneaking closer to the coast, suffocating crabs, fish, and other marine life.

Just north of the fish kill, hundreds of scrawny, dead sea birds are washing ashore from Tillamook OR all the way north to Washington state beaches. Officials say they are puzzled by the mass deaths. Go figure, eh?

A dead zone strangely similar to the one in Oregon has turned up in Boardman Lake near Traverse City, MI.

Hundreds of dead fish washed ashore in Shreveport LA yesterday. They died from lack of oxygen.

This week also saw possibly thousands of dead fish wash ashore along the Maryand, Delaware, and Virginia coastline. The fish were believed killed by unusually cold, oxygen-depleted water.

Last month, hundreds of bass died in "a sudden temperature inversion" bringing cold water to the surface in Lake Ontario.

The Toledo, OH Blade reports a local family found a boxed human skull while cleaning out the attic of their new house. The box was marked "Skull-Herman." No word on how much oxygen was in Herman's box.

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