Friday :: Aug 13, 2004

National Media Finally Notices State-by-State Bounce For Kerry

by Steve

Both the Los Angeles Times and the AP finally notice and report on something we have been harping on for several weeks. While most of the national, horse-race mentality political media has been engaged in a stupid search for a national bounce for Kerry coming out of the convention, signs have emerged that Kerry has gotten a bounce in state-by-state polls. The LAT says this morning that the White House and its surrogates are ramping up the rhetoric and attacks because they realize that Kerry is seizing the lead in key battleground states, and that the GOP needs a highly successful convention to stem the tide. As Dick Cheney attacks Kerry over his Iraq comments of late, the Kerry campaign wisely used Wes Clark to throw it right back at Cheney and Bush, pointing out that neither served in combat. Excellent. Ron Fournier of the AP makes the same point this morning that the White House better have a good convention because Kerry is cementing leads in key battleground states.

And how embarrassed are Oregonians to see that their senator Gordon Smith has lowered himself to attack Kerry for looking French? Geez, is that the best you guys can do? As blogger Rodger A. Payne has noted this morning, Smith himself is in no position to attack anyone else about their "French Connection."

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