Monday :: Aug 16, 2004

Monday Morning Update

by Steve

As a national conference in Iraq gets off to a bumpy start, Knight Ridder reports that Iraqi troops are again quitting and refusing to fight fellow countrymen in Najaf. The slack, in fighting the al-Sadr Mehdi militia in Najaf, is being picked up by American troops, which seems to be a recipe for disaster.

Pakistan confirms once again what the New Republic reported a month ago: the Bush Administration is pressuring them to find Bin Laden before the election. Worse yet, after years of hunting “Mr. Dead or Alive,” they still have no idea where he is.

It looks like the Ashcroft Justice Department is doing all its part to intimidate dissenters at the GOP convention. In a throwback to the ways Nixon used the FBI against his enemies, Bush is having Ashcroft contact potential protesters at the GOP convention and question them about their activities and contacts, putting the message out there that “we’re watching you.” And which part of the FBI said this was an acceptable use of the FBI? The same Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel that previously said it was OK to torture terrorism suspects. And don't you think there is a better use for six FBI agents, who instead of intimidating anti-Bush protesters, could be hunting domestic Al Qaeda cells?

It’s good to see the president being lulled into a false sense of security by only appearing before adoring, hand-picked crowds on the road, isn’t it?

And Capitol Hill Blue reports that alleged Swift Boat Veterans for Truth leader John O’Neill, who is attacking the truthfulness and integrity of John Kerry, is lying himself just last week.

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