Monday :: Aug 30, 2004

"Come Back To The Mainstream"

by pessimist
The "Come Back To The Mainstream" ads say what many moderate Republicans are thinking, said A. Linwood Holton, who was Virginia governor from 1970-74.

"Instead of partisan ideology which increasingly has led moderates to leave the party what's needed is a speedy return to the pragmatic, problem-solving mainstream," the group called Mainstream 2004 said in newspaper advertisements to be published Monday.

The group in its ads called on Bush and the GOP to "stop weakening environmental law"; start using "pay-as-you-go" budget discipline to end deficits; clear the way for embryonic stem cell research; and appoint mainstream federal judges.

The list of Republicans signing the ad include former GOP Govs. David Cargo of New Mexico, Dan Evans of Washington, A. Linwood Holton of Virginia, William Milliken of Michigan, Walter Peterson of New Hampshire; former U.S. Sens. Charles Mathias of Maryland and Robert Stafford of Vermont; and Nathaniel Reed, former assistant Interior Secretary under Presidents Nixon and Ford, and Russell Train, EPA administrator under Presidents Nixon and Ford.

The way the party is now, Holton said he wouldn't vote for President Bush. "Not unless they change substantially between now and November," he said.

And we all know that will happen - right after Hell freezes over, pigs learn to fly, Jimmy Hoffa returns from a thirty-year sabatical at an anti-union business management seminar, and George Warmonger Bu$h finds Saddam's Secret Trove of Hidden Weapons of Mass Destruction in the back of a truck at Ft. Hood, Texas - on an anonymous tip from a celebrity guest star

I'm now going to see if I can keep my dinner down and watch the 'convention'.

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