Wednesday :: Sep 8, 2004

Bush Flip-Flops On Intelligence Czar Powers

by Steve

Guess who is flip-flopping now? After initially opposing granting the new intelligence chief envisioned by the 9/11 Commission with broad budgetary authority over all intelligence-related expenditures and allocations, Bush has now told Congress this morning that he will support such authority, which means that he is copying John Kerry on the issue.

Bush had originally said he was against such authority, ostensibly because Rummy wanted to keep control over his discredited, leak-filled intelligence activities. Now Bush, with his handpicked puppet Porter Goss heading towards a Senate confirmation as CIA director, is willing to grant such authority to the chief of intelligence. Knowing Bush and how they did a similar flip-flop on the Department of Homeland Security, he will now claim that this was his idea all along.

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