Friday :: Sep 10, 2004

Open Thread

by Steve

I’m posting the Open Thread early tonight, so I can get some shut-eye. But I leave you with three stories for your consideration.

The first is the release of two new polls today that both show Bush ahead of Kerry by anywhere from 6-8 points with registered voters. Both these polls, the CBS News/NYT poll, and the ABC News/Washington Post poll seem to over sample GOP respondents, according to some of the commentary in Ruy Teixeira’s blog, just like the disputed Time and Newsweek polls did last week. Also, both these polls show a different result that Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll which shows a one-point race.

Second, the Post runs a piece on Bob Shrum Friday, which is notable only because it indicates that Shrum, despite my (probably misinformed) trashing of his alleged cautious style, wanted to go after Bush much more aggressively. So if Kerry was unhappy with the lack of aggressiveness in the campaign, and now we find out that Shrum also wanted to be more aggressive, then that leaves Mary Beth Cahill as the person who kept the leashes on while Rove flattened Team Kerry in August.

Lastly, there has been much back-and-forth late today on the validity of the documents allegedly from Colonel Jerry Killian that CBS highlighted last night on “60 Minutes II”. Both Kevin Drum at Political Animal and Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo have posted on the possibility that CBS News was fed forged documents. But keep in mind that as far-fetched as this sounds, the concept of planting a damaging story yourself so that you can then discredit it is nothing new for Rove. Setting up a critic or source intentionally so that the credibility of that source can then be torn down and their allegations dismissed without ever being answered is a Rove tactic already used on the late J. H. Hatfield when he tried to publish “Fortunate Son” in advance of the 2000 election.

OK, your turn.

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