Friday :: Sep 10, 2004

Failing Grades

by pessimist

I got some really bad news from my son Bookseller yesterday.

He's been trying to graduate for two years now, but the one required class he still needs is only offered in the fall semester - and it's been cancelled the last two years running. This year, he headed for the registrar's office early to be there when it opened. Of the seven classes that would allow him to complete his requirements and actually graduate, ALL of them were already closed pending being dropped.

This is of course bad enough, but his tuition for this class, assuming it opens up for registration, will cost $700 - just slightly more than his entire freshman year including books and fees. But wait! There's more! IF for some reason he has to wait until spring for a class, that class - at $700 now - will cost $1300.

Once upon a time, with the assistance of the aerospace industry, California once boasted the best educational system in the world. Since then, thanks to aerospace leaving for right-to-work-for-less states and major cuts in education funding by Republican governors Deukmejian, Wilson, and Swarznegger, and the illegal immigrant amnesties of Presidents Reagan and Bush XLI, a majority of Los Angeles adults can barely read and write.

What efforts are underway in LA are not necessarily copied by other areas (such as mine) even though the need is just as urgent.

Considering that only the local entities - the ones directly affected by this illiteracy - are trying to do something while the Toppers in the state and national capitals can only find more reasons to cut funding and increase mandates, maybe it makes sense that they are also trying to kill off the expensive colleges - by making them more expensive. After all - the Toppers can afford to send their kids to the good schools - and the rest of us can like it.

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