Wednesday :: Sep 15, 2004

More Bush Lies and Hypocrisies

by Steve

Here’s another edition of Bush Lies and Hypocrisies

First, how committed to finding Osama Bin Laden is the Bush Administration when the CIA’s unit dedicated to tracking “Mr. Dead or Alive” is understaffed, and has to resort to temp help to maintain its staffing levels?

Second, how committed to improving our safety here at home is the Bush Administration when three years after 9/11 emergency responders still don’t have the communication equipment and channels they need to communicate with each other, even after city mayors have been complaining about this for awhile now?

Nick Kristoff of the New York Times writes that Bush’s big liability over the Guard controversy is that he still hasn’t come clean about his method of entry into the Guard and how he left flying and for what reason.

The USA Today smacks down Bush’s recent lies about Kerry’s health care proposals.

As the Washington Post notes, Bush claims to care about liberating people and spreading democracy everywhere, except Sudan (as we noted last week) and now Russia.

The New York Times editorial board exposes the Bush “Ownership Society” for what it really is: a wage tax on people who work for a living so that wealthy can get more tax cuts.

And although not necessarily a lie or hypocrisy, given that the man takes a lazy approach to his job anyway, the AP noted that Bush, already a man who vacations away from Washington frequently, hasn’t spent a full day in Washington since August 2.

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