Monday :: Sep 20, 2004

Novak Says That Bush Will Cut And Run In 2005

by Steve

You can decide whether or not to believe what Bob Novak says, but I tend to believe a guy who gets calls from the White House that expose a CIA operative. Today, Novak says that Bush will cut and run from Iraq in 2005, after his new team of Condi at State, Wolfie at Defense, and Hadley at NSC are all in place.

After you get done laughing at the possibility that either Condi or Wolfie would ever get confirmed, think about the possibility that Bush would actually throw away the lives of thousands of dead and maimed US troops for the sake of sounding tough for re-election, only to cave in and pull out in 2005. I have no idea if Novak is really running with something here, or is only floating a trial balloon because Rove senses that Kerry is doing damage bashing Bush’s failures in Iraq. But the timing is interesting, coming as it does while Kerry launches what will be weeks of attacks against Bush on Iraq.

It is entirely possible that Rove needs something out there to slow down Kerry, but what message does this send to the conservative base and to the families of our troops who have already made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq? How would the GOP base, so enamored of Bush’s moral clarity and alleged commitment to spreading democracy and capitalism to the Islamic world, react to a Bush pull-out next year while Iraq goes to hell and terrorism takes a new home where it didn’t exist before? How would the families of those killed and maimed in Iraq react when they find out that their sacrifices during the occupation were for naught, and that all the talk about a grand remaking of the Middle East for democracy is nothing more than a petty and personal exercise to beat up on the one weak member of the Axis of Evil?

If you are the Kerry team, and you see this, how do you react, especially after you sent a cruise missile up Bush's butt this morning blasting him for his Iraq failures?

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