Tuesday :: Sep 28, 2004

Despite GOP Firestorm, Majority Feel CBS Made "Honest Mistake" On Memos

by Steve

Here’s a good one for you. Despite the firestorm that the Mighty Wurlitzer stirred up over the CBS News/Dan Rather problems with the allegedly false Bush Guard memos, well over 50% of those polled think the mess was nothing more than an “honest mistake.” And the poll that reflected this? The same Gallup poll that had a 43% GOP sample.

Best yet, take a look at Brent Bozell’s comment on what kind of problems you can have if your negative credibility score rises to the forties:

"CBS' credibility problem is much deeper than Dan Rather," Bozell said. "Forty-one percent of people not believing you is trouble in paradise."

For the record, according to the most recent Harris Poll, 55% of those polled this month feel that George W. Bush misled them about Iraq’s WMD and alleged links to Al Qaeda. Therefore, by Bozell’s definition George W. Bush is way beyond "trouble in paradise."

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