Monday :: Oct 4, 2004

CBS News/New York Times Poll: Bush 9% Lead Erased In One Week

by Steve

The just-released CBS News/New York Times poll, which showed a Bush lead over Kerry of 51%-42% amongst likely voters before the debate now shows a dead-even tie of 47%-47% amongst both registered and likely voters. Kerry is regaining lost ground on favorability issues, and the poll shows that Kerry has a 3% advantage with women and Bush has a 3% advantage with men, canceling each other out, which is contrary to recent polls that portrayed Bush leading with both genders.

CBS makes an interesting point, in that unlike 2000 when Gore was viewed as having won the first debate but saw his favorable ratings go down the rest of the campaign, Kerry has managed to not only win the debate but also improve on his favorability ratings. Furthermore, Kerry’s ratings on the factors of leadership, handling an international crisis, and protecting the country from terrorism all went up noticeably after the debate.

In essence, when you read these results, it becomes clear that in one 90-minute debate last week John Kerry managed to go a long way to waste the millions that the GOP spent and what Karl Rove tried to build with the GOP convention and the August smear campaign. And with reports that things are looking up in key states like Ohio and with Kerry regaining solid leads in New Jersey, we are back to where we need to be in the final thirty days.

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