Thursday :: Oct 7, 2004

Zogby Battleground States Poll Shows Impact Of Kerry's Debate Win

by Steve

If you want to see the impact of Kerry’s debate win on a state-by-state basis, you can look at the latest Zogby/Wall Street Journal battleground states poll taken after the first presidential debate. It shows that Kerry has moved out to leads in most of the key states, and in the case of several states where Bush was making headway, Kerry has now cemented leads.

The poll done by Zogby Interactive reflects that Kerry leads safely in the following states:

New Mexico
New Hampshire

Those last four were tied or in Bush’s column recently.

According to Zogby, Kerry has crept out to very small leads recently in several more states:


All of these states have been in Bush’s column before the debate.

Even in the battleground states where Bush is still ahead, Kerry is catching him. This is true in Missouri and Tennessee, and Kerry has closed the gap somewhat in West Virginia.

Update: According to our friends at Gallup, USA Today will be reporting tomorrow that Kerry has now pulled into a 49%-49% tie in Colorado. Just as important, note that the same poll shows that Democrat Ken Salazar will be taking the Ben Nighthorse Campbell Senate seat back for the Democrats as he is leading Pete Coors now by a comfortable margin.

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