Thursday :: Oct 14, 2004

Not Missing In Action

by pessimist

I'm sure at least one or two of you out there have noticed that I haven't been posting anywhere near as much as I usually do. It certainly isn't for lack of interest or topics - there are many things out there that I want to discuss. I have instead been clobbered by the heavy traffic of spy bots and adware. The titanium top hatter in me could think that I've been targeted because of my Left Coaster posting, but people I know who not only don't post but are good little Republican no-minds are having similar troubles.

The common thread among us is that we are all still using Win-DOH!-s 98. The latest virus upgrades and adware filters and spy-bot watchdogs seem to prefer newer versions of Bill Gates' corruptible crap, so I'm caught up in installing a newer version while not losing some of the programs I prefer using. If for instance I were willing to allow my DSL provider to sit on my shoulder and gather information for the advertisers as I surf the web, I'd probably have been done a long time ago!

I'm hoping to be done soon, although the process is a slow one with many dead ends. Then, the Perfessor will have someone to banter with again.

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