Wednesday :: Oct 20, 2004

Feelin' The Wrong-Wing Luv

by pessimist

One of the things I've learned through blogging is 'Expect No Respect'. I'm certainly not getting it from some people!

Ever since I posted about my computer problems, I've been getting email from the wrong-wing. Like vultures circling carrion, they must think that I am my dead PC or something. They must miss me so much that they have decided to send me some neocon-dolence messages. Here's a small sampling:

Great-Grandson of Braggston Braggart?

Ain't it just beautiful? Can't you just feel it; our country's going conservative?

That must be some deep cave you live in near Elgin Illinois. If you came out more often, you'd know that we've been conservative for twenty-four years, but I guess your clocks stopped the day Ronald Reagan was elected.

I read your blog offering and found you lefties crying the blues. How does it feel as more conservative viewpoints finally are heard?

I guess your cable TV got cut off also.

We've been listening to your liberal crap through hopelessly liberal leaning news media for years with no way to offer an opposing viewpoint.

And just how many networks are owned by real liberals? Seems to me like liberal running dogs of Grover Norquist and company have been taking ownership of more of the media every day. but with your cable cut off, you wouldn't know this.

Our guy Rush Limbaugh lead the way, helped change the halls of power in Congress and never looked back.

NOW I understand! You're over in Baghdad making the world safe for multinational corporations! Now wonder you don't know about Conservative America!

Now we have "fair and balanced" Fox News, often a little too liberal leaning for me but still I'll take a "fair and balanced" viewpoint any day over the outrageous con you guys have tried to put over on us.

"Fool you once, shame on you ... won't get fooled again!" ? Refer this to Karl Rove and the Ministry of Trooth!

Yes, we're finally taking our country back and George W. Bush is soon to be re-elected.

OUR country? Show me the title and I'll believe you!

get used to it. We've put up with your political correctness for nearly sixty years,

Sure was a shame about Adolph, wasn't it? But you know, if you loved fascism that so much, why did you help bring that to an end?

now you'll just love OUR dogma. Like I said, get used to it.

- A Reader
Sun, 17 Oct 2004

[He's really Edward L. Kowalski who is a subscriber to, but he didn't want us to know this.]

Yeah, we've heard this before - 'thousand year reich', blah blah, blah. Real Americans know that what you want goes against everything this country stood for prior to the Coup of 2000. Real Conservatives have come out against the plans and actions of the PNAC Petrowlum Pirate Posse and their plans to take over the world. They even annouced support for John F. Kerry, so your chimp must have really pissed them off.

If you are such a good patriot, you will volunteer to go to Afghanistan and show Bu$hCo how to capture Osama. They have been trying for three years and can't seem to figure out how to do so.

By the way, Ed. Sorry to hear that Medicare won't cover your medications anymore. Got your flu shot yet?

Wasn't This A Tom Hanks Movie?

At least this next guy is willing to announce to the flat world he lives in that he will stand by his words by providing his name. I give him some props for that.

Apparently you liberal, left-wing weenies can't handle the truth!

I guess not! We expect that the facts will back up any claims presented! How DARE we not accept as Gospel, as Revealed Truth EVERY WORD OWWER LEEDUR utters!

I guess your values are that its okay for Michael Moore to produce and promote his distorted propaganda and lies, in the guise of a "documentary," in order to sway public opinion and to defeat George W. Bush in November, but it's unacceptable for Sinclair to broadcast the truth about the "real" John Kerry.

Let's see - Moore lies about Bu$h, but Bu$h tells us the truth about Afghanistan and Iraq and Harken and Enron and ...

So far, I can find plenty of evidence to back up Moore and plenty more to refute your pet monkey. Truth can stand up under examination of the facts. Your pet monkey can't.

What happened to the sanctity of the 1st Amendment?

Your boy Ronnie Rayguns killed that one off a long time ago! He was only finishing the work begun by Reichsfuehrer Richard Nixon.

Guess that only counts when it favors your socialist, appeasing, left-wing ideology.

Ron Stoddard
Tempe, Arizona
Tue, 19 Oct 2004

Time to translate.

socialist - anti-corporatist. Person who expects that the law means the same thing for everyone - especially those ficticious entities that stole legal personhood in order to abuse the civil rights of real people in the pursuit of unrestrained profits back in 1886.

appeasing - act of supporting those who disagree with those who appointed themselves the Universal Standard of Christian Religious Conservative Political Correctness and Certitude.

left-wing ideology - philosophy that believes in promoting things that don't relate to the mindless mendacity of the Mammon worshippers of the world.

You get the idea. As reader Mark Worden wrote me, "There's no rehab for stupidity."

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