Saturday :: Oct 30, 2004

In Your Dreams, Dumbya!

by pessimist

Remembering the success Bill Clinton's campaign had using Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow", the Bu$h Campaign thought they had the ideal sloggan tune for the last stages of the campaign - Orleans' 1976 hit "Still The One".

But in true Iraq Peace Plan fashion, the Bu$hCo operatives in charge neglected to note that the song's authors are Democrats and supporters of John F. Kerry.

Bush Asked to Stop Using 'Still the One'

The Bush campaign said Friday it would stop using the 1970's hit "Still the One" at campaign rallies after the songwriter, no fan of the president, claimed the Republicans never got permission.
John Hall, a former Democratic county legislator in upstate New York, co-wrote the song and recorded it with his band Orleans in 1976. He complained Friday morning about the campaign's use of the song at the president's events. Hall, still a working musician at 56, wrote "Still the One" with his then-wife, Johanna D. Hall. The two, as well as surviving members of the band, are supporters of Democratic Sen. John Kerry and didn't want their work used to promote Bush's re-election.

This wasn't the only rebuff the Republicans received:

Caroline Kennedy tells Bush to stop invoking JFK

In Wisconsin Tuesday, Bush attacked Kerry saying: "His record not only stands in opposition to me, but in opposition to the great tradition of the Democrat Party of America. The party of Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry Truman, and John Kennedy is rightly remembered for confidence and resolve in times of crisis."

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, daughter of the late Democratic president John Kennedy, urged Republican President George W. Bush not to invoke her father's name in his campaigning against Democratic rival John Kerry.

"It's hard for me to listen to President Bush invoking my fathers memory to attack John Kerry. Senator Kerry has demonstrated his courage and commitment to a stronger America throughout his entire career," she said. "President Kennedy inspired and united the country and so will John Kerry.

"President Bush is doing just the opposite. All of us who revere the strength and resolve of President Kennedy will be supporting John Kerry on Election Day," Kennedy Schlossberg said in a statement.

Add this to Vladimir Putin's refusal to play the patsy [next post] for the missing explosives of Al Qaaqa (the third-grader in me just loves this name and the effect it has had on Bu$h!), and it's not been a good day for George Wunderkind Bu$h.

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