Thursday :: Nov 4, 2004

Don't go quietly

by Duckman GR

I may have been consistant, or not, previously, don't really care, but some are suggesting that I, as a Democrat, have no values.

To which I say, SCREW THAT!

Democrats have the same values as before the election. The same way everybody trumpets how everything changed after 9/11, they trumpet the notion that Dems have no values, devil values, or need to redefine and/or find values. One word to that, repeated 3 times. Bullshit.

Everything did not change after 9/11. I went to work the next day, the sun came up, the dog had to go outside, big business schemed new ways to concentrate wealth, just like every other day.

So don't say we need to change our values. Perhaps we need to do a better job of Demonstrating our values, but finding them, redefining them, whatever, I say no. Among other things, we need to continue to do what we have been doing the past 4 years, only we may be, judging from the transcript I read of bush's press conference today (sickening press sychophantically licking the turd crusted soles of bush souless feet), the only ones doing it.

That is, exposing the bushites utter lack of real values. Do we need to do it better, yes, sure, north south east and west of where we were. Did our tactics lack clarity? To some extent, but again, that may be something that takes a little longer to determine, tactics being somewhat untidy you know.

In short, we need to do one thing. Fight. Not heal, or reach out or accept, as the jack booted thugs of the right would have us. Self flagellation? Not for me thank you. Could I have done more? Of course. So could have you. So what. We all did something, from freeway blogging to getting informed to voting (you did vote, didn't you? he said, menacingly, a feral glint in his steely grey eyes.). Hey, we lost, they stole votes, those effing machines stole lots of votes, sproul, voter challenges, the whole gamut cost us votes. The feckless, bought media scarcely stirred from their comfortable and expensive furniture to report the truth, the facts, the realities, not to our benefit. Their tactics trumped ours.

Did the Red Sox fold after 1946? 1967? 1975? 1986? Did Billy Buckner go crawl in a hole and hide the rest of his life? Did the Sox fans give up hope? Hell no! So why should we, and this isn't a game, but life and death, the future of the US of Screwed up A, the planet in the balance.

So we need to fight, people, fight like hell, fight like you have nothing to lose, because what, really, are they going to do to us? Lock us up? If that were the case, they'd do it regardless of whether we fought or not. Lose control of the House? Senate? White House? Courts? Press? Oh, never mind.

And I see they're coming after the bloggers now. That took, what, one day?

But the people who read these numbers ó among them, thousands of ordinary Americans with an intense interest in the election ó put too much faith into them and leaped to conclusions, said Bill Schneider, CNN's polling expert.

"I think people believed them, and it's particularly the case with Internet bloggers," said Kathy Frankovic, CBS News' polling director. "That's unfortunate because it sets up expectations that may or may not be met. I think it's a good exercise because it reminded people that early exit polls can be unreliable."

Bill Schneider, AEI a**hole, er sorry, senior CNN con man. "That's unfortunate" because we had expectations that may or may not have been met?

Protect me from expectations father. We must not have expectations, because, golly gosh gee, we might get disappointed! Better to have no expectations, than broken ones, eh. Once again, the Democrats had, oh wait, could they be attacking the bloggers because the exit polls were correct? Could it be that, as many have suggested, these motherf****rs stole the election once again? Could that be their strategy all along? Could that be why they went so ballistic on Kerry for mentioning Mary Cheney, and pointing out the inconsistency of the gop, when in fact he wasn't even doing that? Or maybe he was?

They're coming after us people. Because we are the only thing they donít control at this point. People talk about us calling them on the lies, their mistakes. Calling them where? The NYTimes? CNN? The blogs?

Bloggers, we better start looking into outlaw radio type blogging stuff, because they are going to shut conventional blogs down. Mark my words. Kos, Atrios, Blog Lord, Josh Marshall, we are in big trouble. Kevin Drum, nah, he's been co-opted.

I'm reminded of The Shawshank Redemption. Andy fought the "Sisters" like hell, didn't turn the other cheek. And eventually, he co-opted the bulls to take care of the Sisters for him, and then, most deliciously, screwed the bulls too, when he exposed their whole crooked operation.


Some other thoughts are below.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. For instance, as Mrs. Duckman pointed out last night, the ACLU is helping Gasbag Limbaugh. Why? Oh, I know, it's the principle and all.

Call me valueless, but screw rush. Why help that gigantic boil in his legal defense. He doesn't need the help, he can afford the lawyers. Instead, he gets to take the ACLU's resources and use them for his own cause, detracting from people who could really use the help. Find someone else to prove the point. I bet you lots of money that there are some liberals in the same boat. And they won't eat you after you save them, something that gasbag would do. Just look at the bloated freak.

Put the shoe on the other foot. Would they help us? Sure, they might get a lawyer for us, argue the case, sabotage it in subtle ways, lose the case, mission fucking accomplished indeed. They took the money, and lost the case. That is the nature of these slimebags, and I for one won't help them be that way.

Another thing we need to do. Support our businesses, our artists, our hollywood, our newspapers, our radio stations. Air America needs to get off the Clear Channel bus and put profits into liberal businesses, not nazis. I passed by a company in El Cajon, a remodeling business with a great big prick sign in the window. They will never get my business, if I had any to give. We know what to do, we don't need to give the big media a chance to smear us with a boycott label, just don't buy their products, don't support their businesses, unless you absolutely have to. Why give more money to these cretins? Buy Union stuff. DON'T you dare shop at wal mart. Now, some people might think it funny to go to wal mart and mess up their shelves and stuff, but that would be wrong, wrong, wrong.

No to wal mart, ge, westinghouse, etc. Don't buy lee greenwood or britney spears, buy Pearl Jam, Bruce. There are lots of avenues for resistance, some are more subtle, but that doesn't mean they don't work.

Just remember this, despite his man date (do Jerry and Pat know about georgies date? And not the Browns, Pat died a short time ago. And what about Jerry and Pat, do they ever have women on their shows? They sure smile a lot when they're together, don't they? Hmmmm.) lie crap, which he said the last time they stole an election, half the country voted for neither candidate, and more than half that did vote didn't vote for that fucking asshole.

Now lastly, Pearl Jam's last album, Riot Act, besides the rollicking bush bashing song, has some pretty strong material on it. And when I was driving to work this morning, listening, the lyrics to "Love Boat Captain" struck me kinda hard.

It's an art to live with pain,... mix the light into grey,..
Lost 9 friends we'll never know,.. 2 years ago today
And if our lives became too long, would it add to our regret?

We have boys and girls, men and women, dying over there in Iraq because of bush and his man date. All their lies, their greed, their cowardice, all the things that Americans aren't supposed to be, all the things that Democrats like John F Kerry, and Steve Soto, and Paul Krugman, and Willie Little, 73rd AD, stand against, those are the things we fight for and against. And if it hurts that we lost, and if we grind our teeth every time that pipsqueek opens his yap, there are those who don't have the chance to do the same, and their fingers are pointing at the chump in our White House. I say we take him out! And if we have to fight a little dirty to do it, so be it.

by Pearl Jam

Is this just another day,... this god forgotten place?
First comes love, then comes pain. Let the games begin,...
Questions rise and answers fall,... insurmountable.

Love boat captain
Take the reigns and steer us towards the clear,... here.
It's already been sung, but it can't be said enough.
All you need is love

Is this just another phase? Earthquakes making waves,...
Trying to shake the cancer off? Stupid human beings,...
Once you hold the hand of love,.. it's all surmountable.

Hold me, and make it the truth,...
That when all is lost there will be you,...
Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
And there's just one word I stil believe
And it's

It's an art to live with pain,... mix the light into grey,..
Lost 9 friends we'll never know,.. 2 years ago today
And if our lives became too long, would it add to our regret?

And the young, they can lose hope cause they can't see beyond today,...
The wisdom that the old can't give away
Constant recoil...
Sometimes life
Don't leave you alone.

Hold me, and make it the truth,...
That when all is lost there will be you.
Cause to the universe I don't mean a thing
And there's just one word that I still believe and it's
Love,... love. love. love. love.

Love boat captain
Take the reigns,.. steer us towards the clear.
I know it's already been sung,... can't be said enough.
Love is all you need,.. all you need is love,..
Love,.. love,...

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