Monday :: Nov 8, 2004

DNC Feedback

by Duckman GR

The fine folks at the DNC wanted my opinion on some stuff, so I agreed to submit my thoughts to them. They called it feedback. I call it something else.

1. How did you participate in this election?

I made lots of financial contributions to the DNC, to 527's like MoveOn, to progressive charitable groups like Earth Justice, WWF, and more, to candidates via Daily Kos and directly, and to bloggers.

I blogged over at the left coaster extensively and at other progressive sites, advocating Democratic and democratic principles, enlightenment we could provide, arguments we could make, actions we could take, from trips to AZ to register Dems to anti Sinclair actions to exposing the lies, the LIES, the lies, and yes, the FRAUDs, of the GOP, all to make progressive bloggers a force for goodness and light, an alternative to the captive and co-opted mainstream news media, and a community forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies and actions.

I phone banked, distributed literature, attended Democratic Club meetings and spoke at my County Central Committee meetings.

I wrote letters to editors, to organizations, to companies, to republicans and Democrats on behalf of our cause. I sent e-mails to reporters, companies, groups, newspapers, organizations, arguing for enlightenment, against venality, arguing for our course of action and against theirs, and to get some things on the record.

I could have done more, if I didn't have to work so much in george w. bush's brave new world for one, but I feel no guilt about my efforts. Unapologetic, yes, satisfied, no.

2. Is this the first time you participated in election activism?

No. Nor will it be the last, because I intend to FIGHT george w bush, the gop, grover norquist, corporate crony's, and electoral ignorance.

3. How would you like to continue to stay involved? (Volunteering, phonebanking, fundraising, local organizing, etc.)

I will continue doing what I have done, always keeping in mind how the gop and their extremist fundamentalist agenda is determined to exterminate the Democratic Party and democracy.

4. Did you feel the actions you took were effective?

Effective enough to help win the election for John F Kerry, but not effective enough to get past the lies, the cheating, the criminal activities, of the gop, and the endemic reluctance of the Democrats to recognize that we are not dealing with a group that is concerned with the good of the country, only concerned with greed, power, and their sickening fundamentalist agenda, things not shared, btw, uniformly by differing gop factions.

5. Was it a good experience for you?

If you define good as a kick in the vitals, then yes, it was good. Then again, is losing, for whatever reason, really ever a "good" thing? And sparing the pabulum nostrums of character building etc, is losing to these thugs good for the country, the environment, the world? And by good, do you mean, umm umm good, or, oh my, that was a good bowel movement, or, Good god Margie, run, run for your life, that thing just ate Granny and its coming your way!

6. How would you make it better?

By speaking not just against the lies of bush, but for our values, by contrasting what WE do versus what THEY do. By not letting ANY of their lies and slanders go by. By not approving someone like porter goss, regardless of whether he had the votes or not. By watching that shit eating grin of those gay lovers pat r. and jerry f. getting wiped permanantly from their sallow and insipid pasty faces as the enormity of their defeat was revealed to them by the very vengeful and twisted god they believe in, that would have made it better, much, much better.

By DEMONSTRATING that we do not support the gop, which we did EVERY time we accommodated bushco and delayco and 700 clubco.

7. Please share other thoughts and comments you have about the 2004 election and what Democrats and the Democratic Party should do going forward.

We cannot be an opposition party if we don't OPPOSE the administration. If we acquiesce to their policies how can we claim to be anything else save the same? How can we be an alternative if we aren't? The gop is determined to cement their stranglehold on power, and there have not been any indications to the contrary. Does the electorate recognize that they are "capital" to be spent on bush's agenda? Are the American people forgetting that george w bush works for us, not us working for him?

So long as Democrats continue to reinforce gop talking points using their terms and their language, "values are the issue," "the electorate trusts bush" ad nauseum, we will continue to struggle to make further inroads. Our failure 11/2/04 was not that we didn't get enough votes, our failure was we didn't crush the life from the radicals of the gop and earn so many votes that they never could have produced a gop victory through voting machine fraud and voter suppression and fear and intimidation.

bush said that he will reach out to Democrats who agree with his goals, presumably that means that those who do not are to be left out in the cold and wandering in the Desert. But his goals are not ours. Privatizing Social Security? Overturning of Roe v Wade? Creationism in the schools? The castration of the people's ability to petition the government to redress wrongs and address grievances? Wars of pre-emption to prove a political ideology?

Those aren't my ideas of Democratic Goals, so why would we want to reach out to bush to help him achieve them?

Resistance is not futile, but acquiescence is.

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