Wednesday :: Nov 10, 2004

What Role Now For Kerry?

by pessimist

With a nod toward Brother Yuval for his excellent post below, I would like to hear the voice of our readers on a couple of ideas I developed reading the comments attached to it.

First - The idea that John Kerry should run again.

I say no - ahem - NO!

John Kerry lost to Bu$h, and will never regain enough support from those factions necessary to overcome GOP vote fraud.

So what to do with Kerry? How about - as one post commenter proposed - Senate Minority Leader?

I have some warm fuzzies for that idea, provided certain standards are met. First - no more national ambitions. Second - work toward rebuilding Party cohesion in the face of the pending departures of Dodd, Schumer, and Corzine from the Senate. Third, prepare to deal with the reality of GOP dominance in every area of 'law' making. No more Daschle-ization. No more Mr. Nice Wimp. He would have to be like the Swift Boat captain who won a Silver Star.

There is something else. I have posted before about how Hillary should not run for president herself, but instead act as a slingshot and propel someone else to the fore. Anyone who still remembers what sling shots are knows that it takes two 'legs' for it to work - and a Minority Leader Kerry should be the other leg of the Democratic sling shot.

There is someone who will need such support standing in the wings - Obama.

So the Democrats have to decide quickly what they want to do. Will they remain captives of their personal egos and ambitions, or will they rise to their Constitutional responsibility and act for the good of the nation?

All the world wonders.

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