Tuesday :: Nov 16, 2004

Cleaning House At The Pentagon

by pessimist

The cleanout of non-BFEE/PNAC Pirates continues, with the most important governmental agency (to BFEE/PNACPPP plans) - the Pentagon - being the scene.

Interim Army Secretary Gets Pushed Aside

For the past 553 days, since the May 9, 2003, firing of Thomas White as Army secretary, Brownlee has performed the duties of that office, while also serving in the No. 2 job as Army undersecretary.

He says he's enjoyed it all, except the reward he got for his loyalty: getting pushed aside in favor of a defense industry executive, Francis Harvey, the White House's choice to be the next Army secretary.

When he agreed to become the acting secretary, Brownlee says he was told that he was needed until Air Force Secretary James Roche, the administration's choice to succeed White, could be nominated and confirmed. The Roche nomination languished in the Senate because of disputes relating to a multibillion-dollar leasing deal for Boeing and other Air Force controversies.

Roche still is Air Force secretary, but he is widely expected not to stay for a second Bush term.

In the AP interview, Brownlee did not say he would quit his undersecretary post when Harvey is confirmed by the Senate, but he strongly suggested he sees little reason to stay. "If you've been the head coach, and suddenly they get a new head coach, the old head coach can't hang around,'' he said.

That makes two more!

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