Tuesday :: Nov 16, 2004

there's pizza around here somewhere

by Duckman GR

So our new leader in the Senate says this: Bush's pick for second-term secretary of state, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, ‘should be confirmed fairly easily,’ barring the unexpected.

They’re throwing up all these juicy opportunities for the Democrats to do some serious exposing, and all we get is "I would always rather dance than fight.” Bartcop, do you have a pink Tutu for that man?

Reid also warned Republicans not to "mess with the rules" as they try to overcome opposition to Bush's most controversial nominees for the federal courts. Boy, what he said!

Meanwhile, over on the slimy side of the fence, as Steve notes below (GOP Pushes A Rule Change To Help DeLay Keep His Position), the zealots are dictating the meaning of ethics yet again. Never shy about claiming wholeheartedly (except for the lack of hearts this would be an accurate statement about the gop) that Terrorism is indeed Love, the fascists of the wrong sez that [DeLay's] rule change is designed to prevent political manipulation of the legislative process, all the while manipulating the political process.

Oh, Irony, thy reign is supreme. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told The Hill that the rule change, first reported by The Hill yesterday, “reflects a reality that [Earle’s investigation is] nothing but a political witch hunt bent on taking him to court. It’s the final phase that Democrats are coming to grips that Republicans are a permanent majority.

Is there some room for compromise there, Democrats?

Well, there's this:

Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who delivered one of the nominating speeches on Reid's behalf in the private caucus, told reporters he had said the Nevada lawmaker "will lead this caucus into a new era and oppose where necessary, compromise where possible and avoid the obstructionist label."

Reid's speaking style often includes criticism wrapped in the language of compromise, I'm sorry, and I apologize if I sound overly shrill, but what, on my Mother's grave, DOES HE THINK A STERN TALKING TO is going to accomplish? Does anyone really think that tom delay gives a cold hard shit about Harry Reid's criticisms? Good god, this is insane.

"We start this new Congress ... with the opportunities to do good things. We are going to try and work with the president," Reid said.

"He said four years ago he wanted to be a uniter. ... That didn't work too well the first four years. We hope it works the second four years, because we want to work together."

update 11/17/04 8:17 am Duckman cropped this post to better fit the site, so all the good yelling and screaming is now below the fold.

NO WE DON'T, YOU FUCKING GIT!! I don't want to work with murderers and torturers and rapists and thieves and souless monsters intent on destroying Me and my country, Democracy, Freedom, all that noble crap we want to desparately believe in.

I don't have the 57 Virgins waiting for me, or the love of jesus and a warm and tender afterglow. I don't get a do over. I've got here and now and maybe another 50 years. I have to do good in the real world, where people's brains starve for lack of a regular breakfast because george bush hates the idea of feeding poor children; where one group of people decides to murder and terrorize and drive from their homes another group of people because they look different, and george w bush can't be bothered to pay attention because that fucking useless toad conjob is polishing his tiny knob for a better job for herself; where millions of people die in Africa of AIDS because george bush, in his gut, fears gay people (probably some vestiges of his skull and bones initiation lurking there), and he's so stupid he thinks that's what AIDS is, even in Africa, and the drug companies don't want to set any expensive precedents so george bush won't do what he promised to do and fund the AIDS fight in Africa; where the air we breath, the water we drink, the weather we experience, the trees and mountains and animals that, if you believe the religious zealots of the gop, god created for us to manage as good stewards, is getting fouled beyond repair because george bush is an exploiter and an easily manipulated fool and the only person unaware of his enamored-with-himself state of gut and so the corporatists use him to feed their gluttony and lust for the spoils of the earth; that's the real world, and I don't see much compromise there.

So to all Democrats I say that there is only one course of action. And really, what do these timid men and women think, where do they get the idea that bushco is going to give them anything?

Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We've had 4+ years of the same lies and threats and corruption from the bushites, why on earth would you think anything is going to change now? With bigger majorities in Congress, and with more stinking judges in place, with voting machines churning away, with the bushler youth getting more and more desparate and given plenty of repetition from herr limbaughles to blame their troubles outwardly (I think they call that projection), why would you do anything but oppose?

No waiting, Democrats, no time to wait and see. I've seen enough. The time to fight is now. Oppose, expose, use our brains and our guts. Freedom of speech means just that, so start cashing in the freebies, rice, gonzales, and all the rest.

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