Friday :: Nov 19, 2004

Brazile - 'Nuts!'

by pessimist

Yesterday, I wrote about John Kerry's Unspent Campaing Funds. Today, it seems that he's decided to share the wealth - for all the good it's going to do him.

Kerry to Give Dems Leftover Campaign Cash

Under friendly fire, Sen. John Kerry likely will donate a substantial portion of his excess presidential campaign cash to help elect Democratic candidates in 2005 and 2006, advisers said Thursday.

Two advisers who have spoken to Kerry about the money said he likely will donate a substantial amount to Democratic committees and candidates for the 2005 contests and 2006 congressional midterm elections.

But some critics still aren't happy:

"They're doing this now because they're being forced to, not because they want to," said Democratic consultant Donna Brazile, the most vocal critic of Kerry's spending. "They still don't have a defense for why they hung on to the money."

Feel the love!

Donna, why don't you go have a nice chat with Ed Gillespie like you did before the primary season got going? Maybe he'll offer you a new job. That would be good, because you aren't very good at the one you have. Just remember - do as well for them as you did for us.

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