Thursday :: Nov 25, 2004

Make Mine Jack In The Box, Instead of Wendy's

by Steve

I know that it is deviant to talk about fast food on Thanksgiving night, but I wanted to bring to your attention several recent developments that may merit your attention. First, Jack in the Box restaurants decided last week to offer health benefits to its hourly workers after they have been with the company for a year. For the fast food industry this is a notable development, and even though the company has not said yet how much of the premiums the employees will be required to pay, any move in this direction is laudable, as it is farsighted and will increase morale and reduce turnover, thereby reducing the company’s costs.

Even though I like Wendy’s and Jack in the Box’s food the most amongst the burger places, Wendy’s does not provide any health benefits for its hourly workers, Taco Bell does offer benefits, but the employee is required to pay the full premium, which can eat up a large if not total share of a paycheck. McDonald’s only offers health benefits to employees at its company-owned stores, which are only one-fifth of their outlets. But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by Wendy’s. According to, Wendy’s was one of many corporate PACs which gave over 90% of their political contributions to GOP candidates for federal office.

After seeing what can be achieved with Sinclair-like tactics, during the next four years it is time for the Democrats and their many like-minded supporters to undertake boycotts of corporations that pursue politics that are against our interests. For example, why shouldn’t the party and organized labor, the environmental community, teachers, state and federal employees, civil rights organizations, and progressive organizations disseminate information suggesting which corporations and their products should be avoided? I mean, after looking at the partial list that Jerome Armstrong at has compiled from the database of corporate PAC behavior, would you really want to keep bankrolling Outback Steakhouse (96% to the GOP), Exxon (96%), Home Depot (81%), Chevron (87%), or J. C. Penney’s (89%), when there are alternatives possibly available to you in your community?

Grover Norquist and Tom DeLay have a grand plan where all of the K Street lobbyists are Republicans, and their clients (the corporations they represent) all funnel their money exclusively to the GOP. Sure, it’s a great plan, but one thing that Sinclair taught us is that Wall Street and the corporate boards understand when bad politics hurts business.

As for me, I’ll be eating at Jack’s and not Wendy’s from now on.

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