Saturday :: Dec 11, 2004

Didn't We Already WIN This War?

by pessimist

Bu$hCo loves to crow about its electoral 'success' in Afghanistan. Whether there really was any success remains to be seen, but this is the same standard being presented for determining success in Iraq. By implication, if not by direct comment, the idea is being spread that elections means peace, and that stability will reign in freedom and liberty.

If that is true, what does this imply?

U.S. begins winter offensive in Afghanistan

U.S. troops have begun a new offensive to hunt Taliban and al-Qaeda militants through the harsh Afghan winter, aiming to sap their strength ahead of planned spring elections, the American military said Saturday.

Operation Lightning Freedom was initiated after Tuesday's inauguration of Hamid Karzai as the country's first democratically elected president, Maj. Mark McCann said. "It's going on throughout the country of Afghanistan. It's designed basically to search out and destroy the remaining remnants of Taliban forces who traditionally we believe go to ground during the winter months," he said.

McCann said the drive, which encompasses the activities of the entire 18,000-strong U.S.-led force in Afghanistan, should also help persuade militants to take up an offer of amnesty from the American military and the Afghan government.

"We got them Injuns surrounded, General Custer!"

We know how that turned out.

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