Friday :: Dec 17, 2004

"The Drumbeat Is From The Right"

by pessimist

THE Donald 'Duck'n'Run' Rumsfeld is on his way out. It's only a matter of time now. How do I know this? Talking with an Active Reservist, the report is that the ground troops feel that Rumsfeld is biased against them. Once one's followers refuse to follow, what leader can long survive?

In addition, the list of those complaining about him is increasingly from his own party:

Rumsfeld must go

Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf, interviewed recently on MSNBC-TV's Hardball, criticized Rumsfeld for his reply in Kuwait regarding the lack of armor on many military vehicles. "I was very, very disappointed -- no, let me put it stronger -- I was angry by the words of the secretary of defense when he laid it all on the Army, as if he, as the secretary of defense, didn't have anything to do with the Army and the Army was over there doing it themselves, screwing up," said Schwarzkopf, a registered independent who campaigned for Bush in the last two presidential elections.
In an interview with the Associated Press this week, McCain said he has "no confidence" in Donald H. Rumsfeld, citing the defense secretary's handling of the war in Iraq. McCain, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and former POW, has the clout and forum to make things uncomfortable for Bush and Rumsfeld.

McCain is not the only Republican to publicly criticize Rumsfeld. "I don't like the way he has done some things. I think they have been irresponsible," Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska said recently on CNN after returning from Iraq. "I don't like the way we went into Iraq. We didn't go into Iraq with enough troops."

The next complaintant is consider to be the epitome of empty-headedness, but when she's right - even if maybe for the wrong reasons - I have to support her.

GOP lawmaker Collins joins Rumsfeld critics

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has joined other Republicans in criticizing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Collins, R-Maine, fired off a tough letter Wednesday to Rumsfeld, describing his remarks about the lack of "up-armored" Humvees in war zones as 'troubling'. "I am very concerned that it appears the Pentagon failed to do everything in its power to increase production" of the vehicles, Collins wrote. "The Department of Defense still has been unable to ensure that our troops have the equipment they need to perform their mission as safely as possible."

You know you're in the deep stuff when even this ocean-floor bottom-feeder looks down upon you:

Lott would like to see Rumsfeld replaced

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should be replaced sometime in the next year, Sen. Trent Lott says. "I'm not a fan of Secretary Rumsfeld," Lott told the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. "I don't think he listens enough to his uniformed officers."

Lott, speaking to the civic club Wednesday, said the United States needs more troops to help with the war and a plan to leave Iraq once elections take place in late January. The Mississippi Republican doesn't think Rumsfeld is the person to carry out that plan. "I would like to see a change in that slot in the next year or so," Lott said. "I'm not calling for his resignation, but I think we do need a change at some point."

Watch your back, Donald! The way things are falling apart in Iraq, and with Osama's latest episode of The Muslim Survivor playing on an Islamic Television somewhere near you, Bu$hCo will be looking for a sacrifice - and you're the next best choice.

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