Monday :: Dec 27, 2004

The Troll Typology

by rayman

With the new year upon us, I'd like to extend a particularly heartfelt thanks to our beloved and persistent trolls, whose hilarity, inanity, and (frequent) moral depravity offers boundless amusement for all. Anyway, I noted with interest this "troll typology" on AMERICABlog, which is remarkably similar to our own merry brand of trolls:

Personally, I find trolls useful. They are a good meter of how good my argument is based on how many trolls post to the thread. If you haven't noticed, there is a scale of troll agitation:

1) Snarky - A red state themed nickname when they post
2) Scared - You're going to lose every election if you talk that way, you're doing yourself more harm than good, etc.
3) Terrified - So many typos I can tell the troll realizes that when enough people hear this, their world is coming to an end.

Number one, snarky. Sometimes these trolls are even funny. Number three, terrified, I get such a laugh out of these I enjoy it all the more.

Number two is a bit more of a debatable case. Like I'm going to take advice from a troll? Are you kidding me? Like you're even giving me advice out of the goodness of your blackened, frosty heart? Of course I'm not, nor does the troll expect me to. The purpose of the "scared" post is simply to attempt to demoralize the opposition. It's plain as day psych ops.

This is remarkably similar to our own troll-o-meter, no?

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