Wednesday :: Jan 5, 2005

How To Destroy A Political Career

by Steve

In a political move laden with all of the characteristics of a kamikaze raid, Arnold Schwarzenegger will propose today in his State of the State address to blow up the most successful public employees retirement system in the country, so that it can be replaced with something akin to a 401 (k). Not only was PERS not broken in the first place, but the folks behind this move already admit that the move away from a defined benefit plan towards a “you’re left on your own” plan won’t save money for 10 to 20 years.

So why would you enrage teachers, law enforcement personnel, nurses, judges, and other state and local government employees a year after they worked with you to solve the budget mess, when you will need these folks again this year to climb out of another $8 billion hole? These same folks will now no longer trust or work with you ever again. And why would you put the Democrats back in play to retake the statehouse next year?

If this comes to pass, this move has all the makings of a disaster for the state GOP akin to what Proposition 187 did to Pete Wilson in the 1990’s.

Schwarzenegger, who has demonstrated good political instincts (if not tact at all times) up until now, is getting woefully bad political advice here.

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