Thursday :: Jan 6, 2005

No More Mr. Nice Gropenator

by pessimist
You can get more done With kind words and a gun Than you can using kind words alone - paraphrase of a famous quote of Al Capone

Free Enterprise is going to war.

Not content with too much already, the forces of oppression are planning their next campaign to greatly increase their power and influence over the rest of us. Confident of victory, their leader, Arnold Schwarznegger, openly brags about the use of a secret weapon to be used against the 'special interests' that the forces of oppression seek to dominate.

That weapon? The very people that make up those 'special interests'.

In a manner reminiscent of his boyhood hero Adolph Hitler, Arnold makes no secret of the intended 'beneficiaries' of his ambitious aggression. These targets can be summed up in a short phrase - those state employees, and some private sector employees, who make too much money and have too many benefits.

Every target of Arnold's plans involves the working class of the State of California. He has stated in his 'State of the State' speech last night that:

* State employee retirement benefits are too expensive

* State employee wages and benefits (personified by the State's correctional officers) are too expensive

* Quasi-State employee wages and benefits (personified by the teachers of California) are too expensive

* Private employee wages and benefits (personified by health care professionals) are too expensive

* Governmental regulatory commissions (personified by those which regulate 'excessive' housing construction) are too expensive

* And the Party which represents these 'special interests' is too entrenched through gerrymandered districts to be removed easily.

In a speech which focused solely on California's economic troubles, each of these targets was only presented as an economic liability. Collectively, these liabilities 'prevent employers from bringing jobs to California' because taxes are too high, and because the state's budget deficits are too high to lower them.

There is only one solution to this problem: take away from those who have more than the Toppers think they should have.

Rather than do away with things like the horse racing commission, which merely sets the dates of the racing seasons at the state's race tracks, he's after the working class. And he intends on using the working class to defeat themselves.

By phrasing all of his goals strictly in economic terms, he's made it difficult for most to understand what he's after without taking a lot of time to decypher his comments. For instance, he mentions the costs of education in California, but doesn't break down the costs per student. Thus, his dissembling prevents California voters from understanding that we spend less per student than 47 other states.

That's a sorry tribute to the world's sixth-largest economy!

But it is also a sorry report of the typical voter of California who still blindly follows The Terminator without understanding that he's inspiring them to leap off a cliff while he remains behind to enjoy the view. The typical California voter - much like the typical voter across the nation - fails to see that there is a direct connection between State and quasi-State employee wages and benefits and their own. They fail to see that once these 'special interests' are brought down, there is then nothing preventing similar actions from being taken against them. They fail to recognize that their own wages and benefits become the next ones that are 'too expensive'.

Ask anyone what they are getting paid versus what they think they are worth, and you will find that there is a wide divergence between the two wages. Ask a Topper what they pay someone versus what they think they are worth, and you get a similar divergence - but in the opposite direction.

The Toppers believe that the vast majority of us are overpaid, and they are after recovering as much of 'their' money as they can through the elimination of laws and regulations that force them to pay these wages and benefits. Such laws and regulations were mostly brought about by the Democratic Party, which is why they must be destroyed.

Not overcome, or defeated at the polls - destroyed. This is war.

The Democratic Party was once the party of the heavily-unionized working class, which is why unions have to be destroyed.

Educators have the means to reverse these changes through teaching about why these moves are bad for workers, which is why public education has to be destroyed.

Workers have too much money left after living expenses, and too much leasure time after their work shifts, which is why their quality of life has to be destroyed.

So how does Arnold propose to achieve these changes? By getting us to pass initiatives, taking the control out of the hands of our elected officials and giving it directly to arnold to implement. We are the gun being held to our own heads. We are the ones who will suffer the direct consequences of these actions.

We as a group elected Arnold without looking at his character or his proposals because he had a positive public image through his movie characters. His proposed actions lead one to the conclusion that those of us who aren't Toppers are supposed to live our lives serving the whims of the self-appointed Topper demi-gods who are seeking these actions being taken against us. They seeks to improve their quality of life at our expense, making ours worse in comparison, and we are meekly allowing this to happen.

The fact that we found Arnold's movie characters so appealing that we would elect him as governor doesn't speak well of us, but it does indicate that the motivations of the Toppers, begun under Ronald Reagan, are bearing fruit due to the fact that we are willing accomplices in our debasement.

You'll enjoy being a slave. Trust them.

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