Thursday :: Jan 6, 2005

Arlen Specter Breaks Ranks With Bush On Privatization

by Steve

Josh Marshall reports late this afternoon that it appears Arlen Specter won't go along with Bush's privatization of Social Security. Having just been reelected to a term that outlasts Bush, Specter can afford to be just independent enough like this. He'll risk losing his Judiciary Committee chairmanship over it, but maybe it doesn't matter.

After the crap Specter had to eat from the White House and right wing nuts in order to keep the chairmanship, Bush rewarded Specter's subservience by announcing that the same group of extremist court nominees that were rejected previously would be shoveled Specter's way for new hearings. In fact, if you'll remember, Specter even said at the time that he was disappointed that Bush renominated the same gang of nuts. Maybe we should have read more into that comment.

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