Friday :: Jan 7, 2005

Kerry Visits Troops In Mosul

by Steve

Following up on Pessimist's post below, sixteen days after the deadliest attack against our forces in months took place in Mosul, John Kerry did in fact visit the troops at Camp Freedom yesterday before heading on to Damascus to talk with the Syrians about Middle East peace today. Can you imagine Bush ever going to Mosul or Fallujah to visit the troops? Not me either, but with Valentineís Day upcoming, he has the chance to do a fly-by and deliver fake Valentineís Day candy.

Kerry will continue on to the West Bank to observe the upcoming elections there in order to get a sense of how a near-Third World community can hold more legitimate elections than we can, even as its political candidates are arrested in advance of the election. Then again, with that kind of interference from the Israelis, it is kind of like what the GOP gets away with here.

By the way, has Bush ever gone to Damascus to talk with the Syrians, or even talked directly with the Syrians one-on-one in four years?

I didnít think so.

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