Tuesday :: Jan 11, 2005

CBS "Memogate" Report Factually Inaccurate

by Steve

You probably saw this one coming. The man who tipped CBS News off to the fact that there may be more information on Bush’s National Guard service than the White House had fessed up to, and in fact steered CBS News producer Mary Mapes towards the Killian memos says that the panel report released by CBS yesterday in the sacking of its news staff is factually inaccurate in numerous ways. Worse yet, according to Paul Lukasiak, although he was the source of the tip to CBS News, at no time did Dick Thornburgh or anyone else involved with the “Memogate” report talk with him to verify his role, the documents involved, or the historical context behind them. But of course Thornburgh did talk with Bush’s buddies in the Guard, and included their version of events in the report that was used to fire the CBS staff.

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