Thursday :: Jan 13, 2005

Obviously, The Wingers' Standards For CBS News Don't Apply To Fox Or The White House

by Steve

Ok, here's today's trip to the Right Wing Land of Hypocrisy. The right wing is going nuts because they think CBS News and Dan Rather were biased against President Bush and were sloppy with their facts on the National Guard memo story, even though the underlying facts the memos addressed were never and have never been found to be false. The right wing and the Mighty Wurlitzer they own think that all of CBS News, right up to Andrew Heyward and Dan Rather should be fired now for being biased against President Bush.

So explain to me why those right wing objections shouldn’t be applied to Carl Cameron and his bias, and that of Fox “News” after this latest sorry display of conservative bias in the media?

And again, if truth and accuracy are so important to the right wing, then shouldn’t most of Bush’s national security team be fired as well?

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