Friday :: Jan 14, 2005

MSNBC Tags Bush For Social Security Hype And Fear

by Steve

"For too long, too many people dependent on Social Security have been cruelly frightened by individuals seeking political gain through demagoguery and outright falsehood, and this must stop....The future of Social Security is much too important to be used as a political football."
--Ronald Reagan

Read this slapdown of Bush's scare tactics in selling privatization by of all places MSNBC. Yet OMB Chief Josh Bolten went ahead and lied again today when he said that if nothing is done, payroll taxes at some point in the future will likely have to be raised by half, even though he gave no specifics to back up his claim.

Yet, a story in The Hill Wednesday reflects that Bush is having a hard time getting any Senate moderates of either party to jump out in front of the train to join him on a proposal that hasn't been announced yet.

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