Wednesday :: Jan 19, 2005

Minority Leader Reid Attempts To Delay Condi's Confirmation Vote

by Steve

Minority Leader Harry Reid announced this afternoon that he would work to delay Rice's confirmation until after other members of his caucus had the chance to go on the record and debate her nomination on the floor. Since the committee's Democratic members have had their crack to question Rice and six of them still voted to send her name to the floor for a vote, this is obviously an effort by Reid to let the others in the caucus go on the record with their concerns about Rice as well.

This would look like an act of pettiness if these senators are just going to vote to confirm her anyway in the floor debate. So what is really going on with this delay? What good is a spirited floor vote when six of your members just gave her a pass, when they didn't have the guts to vote against her to her face? Or is Reid signaling something else to Biden?

At least Teddy Kennedy made the Senate Democrats' position clear today on Alberto Gonzales when he worked cooperatively with Arlen Specter (who by now is giving Andy Card heartburn) to delay that vote until Gonzales answers the committee's questions. Clearly Teddy has a better grasp of how to hold Bush nominees accountable and has more backbone than Joe Biden does.

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