Thursday :: Jan 20, 2005

Another Leading GOP Congressman Indicates Objections To Bush Social Security Plan

by Steve

A second GOP congressman has signaled a desire to move away from Bush’s proposal to redirect Social Security contributions into personal accounts. Representative Jim McCrery said yesterday that if personal accounts were to be on the table, they would have to be financed some other way than by redirecting employee payroll taxes into them.

We’re about to see from the White House what their true agenda is. If the White House is truly aiming to create an opportunity society whereby wage-earners take more responsibility for their futures through investments of their own, they will be receptive to alternatives such as these, even if they involve tax increases. If however the White House rejects these ideas and continues to insist that any solution must involve providing an option for the redirection of the employee’s contribution’s away from the trust fund towards personal accounts, then we’ll know once and for all that this is about undercutting and eventually killing Social Security.

Hell, even Newt doesn't think Social Security is headed for a crisis.

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