Friday :: Jan 21, 2005

Back From The Blogging Dead

by pessimist

To paraphrase what a famous man once said, rumors of my (blogging) demise, however unnoted, are unfounded.

There has been much that I've wanted to say, and now that I'm back, I can. I was hit with hospitalization, yet another computer crash, a virus on a borrowed computer, and a major increase in the demands of my employer for my time.

But there have been improvements. I'm healing nicely, I'm repairing the computer, the virus forced me to get serious about abandoning Win-DOH!s, and I have a new DSL account which will facilitate my efforts.

There will much to discuss now that King George Warmonger'$ coronation is completed. We have China on the move, Iran heating up, the failure of the Democrats to remember that they are the opposition party, and not just the junior auxilliary of the Republican Party (this means you, Obama!).
I'm going to be taking these tasks on in a measured pace until I'm fully up to speed.

I hope you've missed me as much as I've missed you.

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