Monday :: Jan 24, 2005

Zogby: No Support For Iran Attack - But 31% Of Americans Ashamed To Have Bush President

by Steve

The latest Zogby poll out this morning has some bad news in it for Bush and Cheney�s dream of marching onward into Iran anytime soon. Over three-quarters of those polled say they are against the US toppling the Iranian regime.

The poll, conducted before U.K. media revealed that the British government was arguing strenuously against military action in Iran, finds 76% of likely voters believe the U.S. should let Iran determine its own future and are opposed to the U.S. trying to bring about regime change in the Islamic state. Nearly seven-in-ten (68%) respondents favored using some form of diplomacy to resolve U.S. concerns about an Iranian nuclear weapons program�49% favor multi-party diplomatic talks while another one-in-five (19%) respondents favor direct diplomatic talks between the U.S. and Iran.

As for the UK story, CBS News reported today that British intelligence has prepared another dossier, this time arguing against an attack on Iran. This dossier apparently also makes it clear that Tony Blair will not be W's poodle on Iran and we'll have to go it alone this time. The awful truth is that there was (and is) a better case to be made for dealing firmly with Iran than there ever was for toppling an impotent Saddam. But Bush has squandered his credibility and capital on a target that wasn�t worth it, and as a result, real threats in North Korea and Iran (and Pakistan) are running wild. But this hasn't stopped the Mossad from beating the war drums again today, with a claim that Iran is only three years away from possessing the bomb, in the hope that they can dupe the White House once again into taking care of another problem for them.

Like other polls, the Zogby poll shows that respondents have turned against the Iraq war: 52% now say the war wasn�t worth it, with 55% not confident about democracy�s prospects in the country.

And yes, 46% of those polled feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction. But here�s a real eye-opener:

The poll finds a higher percentage of Americans saying that they are ashamed that Mr. Bush is their president; three-in-ten (31%) Americans now hold that view, as compared to one-in-four (26%) a month ago.

Ashamed? Yeow!

That�s a five-point jump in one month in the number of Americans who are ashamed to have Bush as president for another four years. It�s a little late folks for buyers� remorse, isn�t it?

Yep, that sure seems like a mandate to me.

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