Monday :: Jan 24, 2005

Hard Working Media

by Duckman GR

Even when they're doing mindless fill work, the Media Whores (Has anybody seen that confounded Horse?) just can't seem to get it right. Howie Conflicted Kurtz, (Atrios nod) responded to a question as follows.

Arlington, Va.: Hi Howard,
Thanks for the chats -- they're always interesting.

Every news source that I found -- local and national, television, internet, and print -- all devoted significant resources to Donald Trump's third wedding.

My question, and it is a serious one, is why? Why is this a significant event to Americans? Why was this "event" covered by every news outlet when there are so many other ongoing issues? Between the weather and Mr. Trump, I was pretty much unable to find much other news available to me from any source - frusterating.

I thought that your column this morning summarized some of my feelings quite nicely. Where are all of these news resources going? Just repackaging press releases? And what's the point of having access to so many different news outlets if they all report the same story?

And you responded thus:

Howard Kurtz: Celebrity news has become a very big deal in the news business. Having written about Trump in the late '80s when I was based in New York, he has always been more of a genius at drawing attention to himself than at real estate and casinos. (I covered his affair with Marla Maples, who became Wife No. 2, in the midst of the biggest tabloid frenzy I'd ever seen.) Trump is big again because of the success of The Apprentice, so it's hardly surprising that his wedding to another supermodel would get a tsuanmi of media coverage. I guess we can ask Chris Matthews for a first-hand report, since he was one of the guests.

But, Howie, you didn't answer the questions! Care to try again?

Why is this such a significant event to America? Him being a media manipulator extraordinaire is not an answer. And why would you use the word tsunami, considering that some 150 to 200 thousand human beings have just perished in one, I don't think that the two events should properly share the same descriptor at this time, don't you think?

I couldn't care less what the man does, he has no value to me as an American working and striving to make a better place for those I care about in this increasingly callous and shallow world we inhabit. Why someone like Trump, a self aggrandizing con man, should garner so much attention truly escapes me. Because he "fires" people? Is that a true American value, to fire people? Or is it the car wreck syndrome? Do we want to encourage rubber necking at a crash scene in hopes of seeing blood and misery and tragedy, is that what we should be teaching the kids in the schools, instead of science and art?

What do you think Howie? Are you proud of the job your profession is performing these days? Is the news media really independent, or in collusion, doling out stories from Central Casting to the various outlets? Are they serving the people of this country well?

Just asking, Howie, just asking.

I know that the chances of him reading this, let alone responding, are slim to none, but they've got to be pressed, in big ways and little ways. They simply have to do their jobs, and at some point, once they crawl out from under the rocks they've been hiding under, they will. Not Kurtz, of course, he's too much bought and paid for, a shill for the corporations, but it doesn't hurt to question his credibility and his talents. Tsunami, there's a timely adjective if I ever heard one.

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