Thursday :: Jan 27, 2005

The Social Security Taste Test

by rayman

Reading the aforementioned New York Times article about Chile's pension privatization scheme reminded me of an idea that's been swirling in my brain for a couple of weeks. Currently, Chile has two classes of pensioners--those who remain on the pre-1981 system, and those who are covered by the private investment accounts. Therefore, why can't we do the same thing here?

Under my plan, registered Republicans would be covered by the Bush administration's private accounts scheme, while those of us who are registered Democrats will remain under the current system. Independents and voters belonging to third parties will be able to choose which system to belong. Therefore, us Democrats will serve as the control group, while the average folk in the Republican party will serve as the test subjects for the president's plan. This side-by-side comparison will tell us a great deal about which pension scheme is more beneficial, as in the Chilean example.

BTW, I'm 100% serious about this plan.

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