Wednesday :: Feb 2, 2005

Who's Afraid of Howard Dean?

by rayman

I strongly urge you all to read this post by the miraculously resurrected Hesiod regarding the lingering perception that Howard Dean is "too liberal."

While it is helpful to point out that Howard Dean is well within the mainstream (or even in the majority) on these two issues, it is also necessary to explain that until he decided to run for President, Howard Dean was mostly known for creating a state health insurance program in Vermont, and being a fiscally conservative, pro-business, low tax DLC governor.

Yes. That’s correct. Howard Dean, until he started telling people the emperor had no clothes, was actually considered kind of a conservative Democrat. Just ask the liberal Democrats in Vermont who butted heads with him on various issues.

So, Dean’s pereceived “liberalism” is all about style rather than substance. He “must” be a liberal, people assume. Look at how angry he is with George W. Bush!

It’s so bad that even many Democrats are buying the B.S. We have a duty and an obligation to set the record straight.

This last sentence is key, IMO. I've always been put-off by the wariness of certain centrist bloggers towards Dean, particularly during his primary run, but even now. After all, his record as Vermont governor is resolutely centrist, and yet they still feel unmistakably "icky" about him. As Hesiod astutely points out, this aversion on the part of centrists is due entirely to Dean's rhetorical style, as well the MSM's caricatures of him. These types of liberals feel more comfortable with reserved, technocratic Democrats like Bill Bradley (whom I respect tremendously), rather than a fiery rabble-rouser like Dean. This has got to stop. If you don't like Dean because of his political views, that's one thing. But to continually write him off because you buy into the right-wing caricature of Keeraaazy Howard, this is inexcusable.

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