Thursday :: Feb 3, 2005

Hubris, Thy Name is Bush

by rayman

Via Steve Gilliard, this New York Daily News article demonstrates just how completely out of touch Dubya is when it comes to the trillion dollar scam that is privatization:

During the 2000 campaign, then-Texas Gov. Bush overruled his horrified political handlers and insisted on pressing for Social Security privatization - particularly when speaking to Florida's millions of geriatric voters.

To this day, Bush adamantly believes the issue was a political plus for him in Florida - a contention considered pollyannaish by many of his closest aides.

Some, in fact, say if he had kept quiet about tinkering with the most sacred of all domestic political cows, Bush would have won the Sunshine State easily, instead of needing the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold his 537-vote victory.

"He still thinks it helped him then," a senior Bush political adviser remembered. "We all still think he's crazy."

We can only hope. Oh, and if anyone still doubts the actual purpose of the administration's poison pill "reform" of Social Security, the Daily News article offers some helpful clarification:
"The normal impulse might be to say, 'Let's visit India for 12 days,'" a former top Bush staffer said. "Instead, he's gambling his second term on fighting Franklin Roosevelt."

Bring it on.

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