Saturday :: Feb 5, 2005

What's the Social Security Endgame?

by rayman

Now that Chuck Grassley has intimated that the timetable for the administration's phase-out plan is rapidly compressing, it's time to start discussing what endgame Harry and Nancy are pursuing (or should pursue). If the administration packs it in within the next few months, this will obviously constitute a tremendous victory for the Democrats. However, this also means that Dubya will simply shift his cherished political capital to other areas, such as the long-awaited energy bill and tort "reform," where the Democrats are more vulnerable.

I want to inflict maximum political pain on Congressional Republicans with regards to Social Security, preferably all the way up til the 2006 elections. The danger, of course, is that if we drag out the process, some of the "weak sisters" in the Senate (Ben Nelson, Landrieu, Carper) may be seduced by the administration's siren calls. Is this a risk worth taking?

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