Monday :: Feb 7, 2005

Dean Now Unopposed For DNC Chair As Roemer Drops Out

by Steve

Howard Dean’s lone remaining opponent for the DNC chairmanship, Tim Roemer, just dropped out of the race. Roemer correctly pointed out that the party faces uphill challenges in winning out in the suburbs. But unless I missed it, he didn’t offer a roadmap for how to make the party competitive while still maintaining its core principles, other than to follow a DLC-type script and to make the country feel safe. Roemer did his part on the way out to act like an agent for the GOP by saying that the Republicans were at their strongest point in decades, thereby proving that 1) issues apparently mean little to Roemer; 2) Iraq apparently means little to Roemer; 3) privatizing Social Security apparently means little to Roemer; and 4) the days of acting like GOP-lite are over for the Democrats.

Meanwhile, just as Dean seems to be ready to ascend to the chairmanship, leave it to Joe Trippi to throw a curveball into the party by telling a university newspaper that contrary to what Dean himself has already said, Trippi feels that Dean will run for president in 2008.

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