Wednesday :: Feb 9, 2005

Why Hast Thou Good Christians Abandoned Me?

by pessimist

You know things are not going well with the Bu$h (mis)Administration when their prime allies - the Christian right - gets critical of one of the most important Bu$hCo initiatives:

Religious right BLASTS Bush over war, says he wants "global hegemony", and says Sup. Ct. rulings should be ignored

From the American Family Association's propaganda organ, AgapePress:

... [T]his question must be posed: where is the Commander in Chief whom this country elected to fight the cultural war? He, my friends, is in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now potentially Iran and North Korea. In a quest for a global hegemony unwanted by the rest of the world, this President has abdicated his post to fight the cultural ills that afflict a weary populace at home, and, even further, may be violating the very doctrine he now espouses.

I'm sure that the 'Direct-To-God' Son King isn't worried about these heretics one bit! Nor is he worried about the secular ones either.

The secular heretics rely upon respect for the law to accomplish their goals, but as this post points out, respect for the law can at times have no teeth:

Oh, and it gets better. The religious right is now urging Bush to outright ignore the power of the Supreme Court.

Why would they say this when Bu$hCo owns the court, especially with the impending death/retirement of Chief Fascist William Rehnquist? This isn't yet clear to me, so I will have to rely upon the excellent observations of our commenters.

But I digress.

They're saying Marbury v. Madison was decided WRONG! This is downright scary. They are literally saying that because the Supreme Court has no troops and no enforcers, people should just ignore its ruling.

That kind of talk you expect from the Taliban, not from an American. These people are dangerous to our democracy. They hate our democracy.

When Chief Justice John Marshall tried to force a national bank upon President Andrew Jackson, Jackson responded, "Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it." When the Supreme Court tried to undercut FDR's New Deal, Roosevelt scared the little black robes off the Justices by threatening to pack the Court. The same authority rests with George W. Bush.

So here we are with the White House on one side and the White People of God Inc. on the other. This is going to get interesting!

Pass the popcorn!

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